A wonderful thing happened in Bartlett, Texas about twenty-five years ago, to a building that holds memories for generations and now serves as a beacon of light in our community.
The building was filled with the voices of children and teachers, as a school, from 1909 until 1988.
Unlike many schools that close, this building, in all its beauty and memories for many, was not demolished, but kept, as a "treasure" that would continue to service its community
I was always intrigued by the architecture. The building is not a square, not a rectangle, but uniquely shaped. The architect chose to set it diagonally...right in the center of a city block, with a very long sidewalk leading to the front door. How cool is that!
The building was recognized for its beauty and for historical value. The "Red School" was saved from demolition and remains a valued landmark in our the community, as the Bartlett Activities Center.
Through the efforts of many volunteers the building was renovated, houses a museum, and is available for many activities.
The building has been used for movies filmed in Bartlett.
The Center has hosted reunions for former CCC workers, welcomed 50th Reunion Classes of the Bartlett School System and annually sponsors BBQ Luncheon in cooperation with Bartlett's Old Town Festival.
The BAC recently worked with Habitat for Humanity volunteers and also provided food for the workers; and each year has assisted with the annual Veterans Day Breakfast. I especially love receiving the Newsletter, which features community news, welcomes stories of Bartlett past. and reserves a special page that honors deceased schoolmates and members of the community. Our BAC offers light, hope, solidarity...positivity.

Carol Powell-Loatman (a proud BAC Member)